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 Camp for Inquiry 

''Camp for Inquiry'' is a secular, scientific summer camp project for children of freethinking families who wish their kids to receive a mind-expanding summer camp experience and meet like-minded friends who are eager to learn skepticism, reason, and science. The campground is projected to be a farm setting with a little agriculture on the side, and various animals where children will not only learn the basics of farming, taking care of animals, but also participate in workshops which aims to give them basic logic, critical thinking, and philosophical skills to become a free-thinking skeptic in life. There will also be leadership classes, workshops, and practices for different age groups.  This camp is aimed to build confidence in children while providing an educational adventure shaped by fun, friends, and freethought, featuring science, nature, and humanist values.

My team consists of volunteer teachers who have been working/volunteering in Humanist elementary and primary schools around the world through the NGOs affiliated with Atheist Alliance International, Centre for Inquiry, and Humanists International. My team believes that giving children religious education is simply child abuse. And so is brainwashing children about the nonexistence of a deity. We do not encourage kids in any way to lose their faith. We believe that atheism is the natural outcome of an education without dogmas.


Camp of Inquiry is planned to set roots in Victoria, BC Canada, and plans to provide the same services with similar camp programs throughout the year to cancer surviving children, children with disabilities, and indigenous children.  

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