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 Church of the Flying Sphagetti Monster of Victoria BC 

I am an ex-Muslim atheist refugee running from persecution. I am a human-rights-advocate living in the beautiful Victoria BC for the past 4 years. I have dedicated my life to fight for the rights of non-believers around the world for the past ten years. I am currently an MA student and a future Ph.D. candidate in Global Leadership at Royal Roads University.  
I see that the atheist/secular/humanist activism here in BC needs a new approach in terms of bringing together our local secular communities, as well as helping the people in need.  

I want to establish a Pastafarian-church-themed-PUB in downtown Victoria BC. It will not only be a pub where the free-thinking skeptics and secular/humanist/atheist locals meet and greet.  That's easy. This pub will also act as a Pastafarian charity with its own food-truck to distribute 'spaghetti and meatballs' to the homeless people of Victoria BC. 
Customers/worshippers will have the opportunity to take part in helping to feed the homeless with every beer they order.

Atheists, Humanists, Seculars, and Pastafarians:
''Every order of beer, buys the homeless a meal''.  

Needless to say, blasphemous stand-up shows and events will be complimentary. Humanist and Pastafarian wedding ceremonies may be held depending on the space.

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