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 Republic of Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijan is another Turkish society that is much more secular, modern and liberal compared to today's Pro-Islamic Turkey in many ways. Education and secular policies of the state might have contributed in that regards even though the government can be highly criticized in many other ways as well as corruption, and various human rights violations.


We are neighbors. We know. The feedback and communications we get from Azerbaijan show us that there is a great interest in secular and atheist human rights activism, especially from the Ex-Muslim community. Establishing the first legal entity of seculars, nonbelievers, and humanists which is recognized by the government will make our activities safe and legit. Organized atheism can make atheists more welcome in society by starting with the streets, schools, families, and in daily life. My team has over a decade of experience in a neighboring Muslim-majority country. We love to share our know-how with you and contribute to your fight for a more secular, less religious Azerbaijan.  

We have already started grouping atheist activists of Azerbaijan since 2015. We are hoping to establish the first-ever atheist NGO of Azerbaijan very soon.

Forming a secular society in Azerbaijan is important for the following reasons; 

  • to create a sense of community amongst nonbeliever minorities,

  • to explain the atheist and humanist values in order to establish more multicultural and diverse social environments,

  • to support and raise awareness about the nonbelievers in the country who have no legal rights/recognition as of today,

  • to contribute to the gender balance in the society by promoting full participation of women in social and political spheres of Azerbaijan.

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